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Is The iPad Air 2 The Answer To Apple’s Recent Financial Problems?

Apple’s three most recent financial reports have provided concerning reading for the US giant as they have all revealed a fall in revenue. In an attempt to change their fortunes Apple has released the new iPad Air 2. This article will introduce the new product and help you make an informed decision of whether to part with your hard earned money.

With the next product in the Air line-up Apple has decided to make the already thin model even slimmer by removing 19% depth from the original. While it may make the design look sleeker, the move causes concern of just how sturdy it will prove to be when the inevitable accident occurs.

The device comes with iOS 8.1 already installed, something that is widely regarded to be accessible for both new and experienced users. Also of benefit is the additions made to the screen. The smaller design helps to remove any air gaps, while the anti-reflective coating lessens any unwanted reflections from distracting you.

The inclusion of a new processor chip, called A8X, really boosts the performance of the iPad Air 2; with Apple claiming it is 40% faster than before. You really notice this as it draws comparisons to top laptop speeds. Regular App users will truly appreciate this development, as well as the upgraded graphics. If you’re considering buying an iPad, this may be the ideal period because the market is full of all kinds of deals on the iPad Air.

It is not only App lovers who will find the new upgraded graphics of the iPad Air 2 appealing. The camera also feels the positive effects of the A8X as the rear-facing camera jumps up from 5 to 8 megapixels. In the right situation and environment the improvements are clear to see, such as when the light is low or in close-ups.


Despite Apple reducing the size of the model, the battery life is still fairly impressive, lasting around 10 hours. The battery may have been reduced but the A8X ensures that power productivity is still high.

Less impressive though is the sound quality, which is underwhelming, specifically when turned on its side. The positioning, with both grilles placed next to one and other, negates any stereo sound and instead is just mono output.

Overall, the iPad Air 2 is just what Apple needed to draw users back to its line-up. It boasts an impressive array of features and the inclusion of the A8X really makes a noticeable improvement both for the previous model and compared to other tablet options.

Making A Cream For Your Body Using Turmeric

Turmeric is very well known in Asian countries for being a wonder ingredient that not only gives foods a very special and delicious taste, but at the same time it can also be used in order to soothe various types of pains. Therefore, no matter if you have arthritis, cuts, bruises or any similar injuries or conditions, by using turmeric you'll be able to alleviate them pretty fast. However, if you want to make a paste that you can apply on your entire body because you want to improve your overall health, below we have come up with the best way of doing that.

Get Turmeric Supplements

A lot of people don't have the time to prepare turmeric at home and if you are one of them, then you should know that you can just go ahead and purchase turmeric supplements dr. oz. Not only are they available from a wide range of online stores, but at the same time it's also quite affordable. This is a very powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory that will improve your vision, support liver function and also delay premature aging.

Making The Cream

Now when it comes to making the turmeric cream, you'll need to consider mixing equal parts of cucumber juice and then turmeric until you get a smooth cream or paste. It could be though that you didn’t get it right the first time, so if the cream is too wet or too dry to apply it easily on the skin, then you should add a bit more turmeric powder or juice.

Applying The Cream

After you have successfully made the cream, you should go ahead and apply it on your body. You need to wear special clothes that you no longer need or clothe that cannot be stained made from synthetic materials and that is because turmeric stains your clothes permanently. Due to the nature of its composition, you may thus want to have someone helping you apply the cream on your body. After the cream is applied, leave it on for a quarter of an hour and then rinse it off and moisturize your skin like you always do.

At the end of the day, if you're someone who wants to improve his overall health and you also want to have better looking skin, then making a turmeric cream and then applying it all over your body is the best way to achieve that.

A Brief Description Of The Servicenow Service Management Software Provider

ServiceNow is a PaaS or platform-as-a-service provider which operates in the enterprise software industry. It offers enterprise service management software and cloud computing IT service management software.

About the company

The company was founded by Fred Luddy in 2003. Fred Luddy had been a CTO of both Peregrine Systems and Remedy Corporation before establishing ServiceNow. Luddy first built a generic workflow framework known as the "Glide" platform. After developing Glide, Luddy decided to specialize on ITSM applications instead based on ITIL standards. Luddy also co-opted developers David Loo, Bow Ruggeri and Don Goodliffe and started extending the variety of services offered by the company.

The headquarters of the company is located in Santa Clara while having offices in many other locations around the world, including London, San Diego, Toronto, Sao Paulo, Sydney, Singapore and Amsterdam. Since 2007 the company has become profitable and it has become an attraction to big corporations and enterprises such as Intel and Staples.

Since ServiceNow is offering ITSM applications it is directly competing with BMC, IMB, Hewlett Packard and Computer Associates. The company also provides platforms for the development of applications based on forms and thus it competes with both SaaS and PaaS providers like right it now as well.


The company provides enterprises with service management tools which are used to manage the IT infrastructure, detect and diagnose problems while providing fast responses to various performance and security issues.

Their IT Service Management Solutions provides IT professionals with end to end visibility of the processes and infrastructure from within a single system. This software both consolidates and automates many service management processes and increases system performance while also sending alerts regarding various issues.

Their HR service management can help IT professionals to create system of engagement which can complement applications that are used for core HR and workforce management.

The Facilities Service Management allows companies to spend more resources on optimizing performance, increasing productivity and customizing services with various tools and automated processes.

The Custom App Development Suite is a tool which enables IT professionals to create custom business applications which meet the specific needs of the company. This App Development suite contains many pre-defined services and templates, enabling a quick build and testing of applications. Several of the pre-built ServiceNow services are advertised as requiring minimal or no knowledge of coding, enabling the development of various applications for activities such as marketing event management, rebate processing, legal request processing, etc.